In this blog Rachael from Grace Foundation shares her top tips with you

What happens when your normal rhythm and routine stops for reasons beyond our control? Initially, it can feel like a gift of freedom and maybe even fun. But when there is no guidance or instruction, we can soon begin to feel like life is drifting without purpose.

In order to stop us from feeling lost it is important we get a fresh vision for the season of life we find ourselves in. How you set your compass always determines your direction of travel. In the same way the goals we make now will impact our everyday choices, such as the way we spend our money, the focus we give to our work and the relationships we pursue with others.

In this time of uncertainty, it might be a good idea to set some goals for what you do with your time that could help you achieve more than you realise. You may not be able to control everything, but life is full of potential and now is not the time to wait for life to just happen.

Here are some Top Tips for making the most of every opportunity!

Check out five questions you can ask yourself to help you proactively plan what to do with your time.

1) Who do you want to be?

Every morning we get to choose our character and decide who you want to be. Are you showing others kindness, generosity, patience and courage, or are you lost in the challenge of the moment? When you speak or interact with others you get to choose to frame your attitude with who you want to be.

2) Who do you want to connect with?

Every day choose one person to facetime/call/post a letter to/send a text or email. Think about the people who are important to you and make sure you invest time in them. Think about those who may be isolated or lonely and connect with them. Consider a person who inspires you and listen to them. Think about that friend who makes you laugh and enjoy connecting together.

3) Who can you make a difference for?

Make a choice to take care of someone else. Think of others before yourself and supporting others (makes sure you do all this without breaking social distancing rules) gives us a genuine feeling of being useful. Make your mum a cup of tea or even offer to cook dinner, you could even call a family member or friend who lives alone. Giving to others also releases endorphins, which are the happy hormones!

4) Where do you want to invest your resources?

If you have some time to invest it can be a chance to take a fresh look at making a budget and plan for how you can make the most out of what resources you have even when things are tough. It can be scary to focus on; but looking at the choices we make, controlling what we can, and getting the right support from the right people if we need it, can make a real difference.

5) What future plans do you have beyond the current crisis?

Don’t forget that this crisis WILL end! Now is the time to make a list of the things you miss doing and are truly important to you. Choosing to plan adventure into your future gives you a sense of purpose for ‘then’. Make a list to make a plan! Look forward to a family meal, or a hike over the Peak District, or a visit to a city. Get creative because one day soon, new adventures will be yours for the taking!

“There will never be ‘the right time’ in your life to do a great thing. You must create that time and greatness will follow.” Author John A. Passaro

Our Virtual Chaplain says…

“In the Bible there is an old Proverb that goes “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Christian’s believe that we all have a God given purpose in life. Without a sense of purpose we cannot thrive. If God really loves us then there must be a plan for our lives even when we find ourselves in times of difficulty. Despite our challenges, we can still achieve great things with God’s help. Finding Greatness can feel like a massive task, but Christians believe that God wants to help change this world for the better. We can do this, not because of our own ability, but through the inspiration of Jesus. Hopefully that might give you some food for thought as you plan your time this week… Why not do something great today!”

Bible Reference: Proverbs 29:18


  • Which of the five questions do you think is the biggest priority for you right now? Think about what you could do today to make it a priority.

  • Work through the five questions above and make some notes on each one to help you formulate a plan for this month. Share your plan with someone you trust and ask for help where you need it.

  • The smallest of actions can lead to the greatest of outcomes. Talk to someone about how can you use this time to change someone’s life for the better?



Write a list of what GREAT THINGS you are planning to do with your time in the near future and share it on social media to inspire others

Use the hashtag #ethoschallenge to share with others.

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Stay Safe! – Rachael x