Ethos Teams

We are fully embedded into the cultural life of the school, advocate for the local community, and our work never feels like it is an add-on. Everything we do is in synergy with our partner schools with young people at the centre built on our distinctive Christian ethos.

The integrated approach we have taken ensures that the team works seamlessly with the wider school, and within school priorities to inform and shape the Grace Foundation offer delivered. This allows it to be bespoke to the current student need. Without this team our students would be less likely to be seeing the improved outcomes that they do today.

Darren Gelder, Principal of Grace Academy Solihull

The Role of the Ethos Leader

To work with senior staff to impact the culture and curriculum of the school through the development of a bespoke Ethos Programme

The Ethos Leader drives the work of the Ethos Team in their partner school to embed a whole school approach that includes curriculum contributions, delivery of lessons, drop-down days, intervention groups, enrichment activities, workshops, assemblies & special events. This contributes towards the schools’ OFSTED outcomes, particularly the Personal Development and Behaviour & Attitudes judgements.

To encourage even more capacity, they are able to draw in support from a central team of specialists, foster links with local Churches, engage community partners, and bring in tried and tested education deliverers. Our Ethos Leaders will continually measure the impact of all their work by providing OFSTED ready statistics, student voice and stories.

They work in synergy with the Senior Leadership Teams, Pastoral Teams & key curriculum leads to:

Develop a more holistic curriculum

Improve Ofsted Outcomes

Advance Student Outcomes

Enhance Student Wellbeing

Raise Aspirations

Impact Parents, Families & Communities

The Role of the Ethos Youth Worker

To provides hands-on support for students at their point of need

The Ethos Youth Worker offers evidence-based interventions and mentoring for tackling low self-esteem, anxiety, anger, resilience, loss, and behaviour difficulties. They also work widely across the curriculum to help embed a values-based approach to learning.

Their relational approach helps students to grow in every area of their education and lives, enabling them to reach their full potential. Onsite Ethos Rooms provide a safe space for students to engage with our fully trained pastoral staff, which supports safeguarding needs.

Our Ethos Youth Workers take daily action to ensure students have the best outcomes both academically and pastorally. This leads to increased attendance levels, improved behaviour, better student progress, reduced exclusions, raised aspirations and enhanced wellbeing.

The Youth Workers operate in synergy with Pastoral and Safeguarding Teams to provide:

Intervention Groups

1-1 Mentoring

Extra-curricular groups & Drop-in Clubs

Lessons & Assemblies

Special events & activities

Emotional Wellbeing Support

The Role of the Family Support Worker

To engage with families with complex needs to help improve student outcomes

Our Family Support Workers work holistically to support disadvantaged families who need to overcome a variety of adversities and barriers.  Family Support work is student-centred and led by the needs of each individual family. Our Family Support Workers also help students who are experiencing difficulties in school or at home.

This can have a long-term impact by improving attendance, behaviour, self-esteem, and confidence whilst helping overcoming obstacles to learning, and raising aspirations. It helps motivates parents and carers to bring about change, strengthens relationships within families and promotes overall emotional wellbeing and resilience.

The Family Support Workers operate in synergy with Pastoral and Safeguarding Teams to provide:

Parental Support

Practical Solutions for Families

Education & Attendance Support

Budget Coaching, & Benefits Advice

Safeguarding Referrals

Health, Wellbeing & Emotional Support

The Role of the Cross Academy Support Team

To provide strategic support, training, and resourcing as well as expert delivery of specialist education

Our support team is based at our central offices at The Gate in Solihull. They provide a high level of strategic leadership, quality assurance, training and continued professional development for our onsite staff as well as Admin and HR support. They foster networking, collaboration, and mutual support as part of our coaching culture. Content is developed that is fit for purpose and cross academy events, trips and projects are developed for students. In addition to this, we have Relationships and Sex Educators who work across schools to deliver outstanding lessons and interventions.  We also work regularly with a range of preferred partner organisations who offer a range of creative education solutions delivered on our behalf.

The Cross Academy Support Team provide:

Strategic Leadership

Quality Assurance

Operational Support

Lessons & Assemblies

Content Development

Expert Delivery of Specialist Subjects