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Grace Foundation was born in 2003, with a vision to transform young people’s lives through holistic education. The charity originally operated alongside the Grace Academy Trust and were the original sponsors of an Ethos Team that was, and still is, integrated within the three Grace Academy schools in Solihull, Coventry and Darlaston.

Our Partnership with IM Group has enabled us to outwork their long-term goal for every child to be brought up in an environment where they are given the opportunity to reach their maximum potential in life. In addition to this, we now have funding from additional business sponsors as our vision begins to expand further.

We are currently working with 12 Partner Schools across 3 Multi-Academy Trusts. This means we are impacting 12,000+ young people and their families every single day. Our planned growth includes operating 13 partner schools by the end of 2024, with two major business sponsors onboard, and more schools making financial contributions for sustainable growth. Our growing number of Partner Schools are all Secondary and based in the Midlands, Northamptonshire & the Milton Keynes area.

We have seen the tremendous benefit to our pupils and their families through the high-quality work of the Ethos Team provided by Grace Foundation. In particular, when this is embedded in the culture and practice of the school, we see an improvement in the academic achievement of our pupils.

Dr Jamie Clarke, CEO of Tove Learning Trust

We work with schools from the inside out, to help transform young people from the inside out.

  • Develop the whole person

  • Improve Student Wellbeing

  • Advance Student Outcomes

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