Students release Charity Single to support NHS 

Students from six secondary schools in the Midlands and Buckinghamshire have joined forces to release a new charity single cover of ‘Together’, to raise awareness of NHS Charities Together and to boost their mental health.

The students’ collective rendition of ‘Together’, originally performed by Christian pop duo For King & Country, with Tori Kelly and Kirk Franklin, pays tribute to all those who have suffered bereavement, loss, and rising levels of anxiety during lockdown.

The charity music video involved 30 students from Grace Academies in Coventry, Solihull and Darlaston, Lord Grey Academy, Rushden Academy, and Elizabeth Woodville North and South, who combined their musical talents to spread a message of hope to others.

Launched at a time when public singing is prohibited and students’ mental health and resilience have been put to the test, the Song Project was organised by Grace Foundation’s Ethos Teams, funded by IM Group, that work within each Tove Learning Trust (TLT) Academy.

“Thank you Grace Foundation for creating the wonderful song TOGETHER. It’s fantastic to see students come together to celebrate the resilience they’ve shown over the past year and use the opportunity to thank and raise funds for NHS Charities Together. The money raised will help us to continue to go the extra mile in supporting our NHS workers, volunteers and patients at the centre of this crisis and beyond.”

Ellie Orton, CEO of NHS Charities Together

Our Ethos Teams have been helping to support students who have suffered loss and bereavement, rising anxiety levels and poor mental health during lockdown. We want to use the song as a platform to raise the profile of NHS Charities Together, something very relevant to families everywhere, and as a big thank you for all the hard work Frontline NHS Staff have done during this period and beyond.

Dave Boden, Operations Director, Grace Foundation

“It gave us something uplifting to do in what have been quite a tough time. The song is pretty inspiring, especially for people who have been through a difficult time in the pandemic. It feels good to be part of something that will help to spread hope to people who have suffered in this time.”

Harvey Dean, Student - Grace Academy Solihull

“The song project is extremely relevant in these times as students sing about the power of being together and demonstrate this by working across our academy trust with many other singers. We are excited about the message of the song and are looking forward to seeing the impact it has.”

Julie Anstey, Associate Principal - Grace Academy Darlaston

“We are there to listen when a student is having a difficult time, to help them navigate through mental health challenges, relationships and school, and to help build hope and aspirations for their future. Taking part in the Song Project has given students the chance to work collaboratively again, to focus on something that brings life and joy to themselves and others.”

Josh Noblett, Ethos Leader - Rushden Academy

“This last year has been so tough for young people. They’ve lost out on so many extra- curricular, social, and personal development opportunities that they would normally be able to access due to the COVID pandemic and restrictions. As an Ethos Team, we are passionate about providing our young people with as many enriching and developmental experiences as possible and the Song Project has been a wonderful opportunity to do that as restrictions have begun to ease. It’s been fantastic working with the students and witnessing them come together, do something they love, and using their talents to spread hope to others.”

Elisha Esquivel, Ethos Youth Worker - Grace Academy Solihull