As much as we hate to admit it, deep down we know that sooner or later life is going to confront us with change or difficulty of some kind. It is simply an unavoidable part of the wonderful package we call life! That’s why it’s a no-brainer that one of the most valuable traits we can build into our character is the ability to adapt and overcome when challenges hit. AKA: Resilience.

So what is Resilience?

Resilience basically means ‘to rebound, recoil, or spring back’. In other words, it is the ability to withstand or recover from significant challenges that would otherwise threaten to knock you off course.

Why is Resilience a superpower?

Life will always give you lemons, however you can always overcome!

Like we’ve already said, there’s no getting around the fact that in life, hardships will come. But we dont have to let it catch us off guard! Remind yourself that ‘You may not be able to control the situation, but you are ALWAYS in control of you.’

Resilience gives space for gratitude. 

This doesn’t mean denying there is difficulty, or pretending that nothing bothers you. Rather, it means acknowledging the challenges, but instead of allowing them to be the ONLY thing you focus on, looking for the positive opportunities too. Practising gratitude can be a great way to help build this into your mindset.

Resilience enables you to support others.

By practising resilience, you will not only be better prepared to face difficult situations yourself, you will be able to offer strength and support to those around you who may be struggling too!

What can you do? Consider a current challenge or difficulty you are facing…

  • Try to think about 3 things you can be thankful for in spite of the situation, rather than just focusing on the negatives.

  • When considering the challenges you’re facing, make a note of 3 actions you can take to help create a more positive outcome in the given situation.

  • Think of one person in your life who you think is good at showing resilience. If you can, have a conversation with them this week and ask how they have become so resilient in life.

Want to explore more?

It might not always be possible to stay resilient (we’re only human!) and sometimes challenges we face may feel overwhelming or too much for us to handle. If this is the case, don’t be afraid to reach out to others for help. Young minds is a great organisation who can help if you or others in your family may be struggling with your mental health. Visit YOUNG MINDS to find out more

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Our Virtual Chaplain says…

“The Bible offers many words of hope and comfort to us in difficult times, such as promises of Gods love, strength, and nearness, which can give us the encouragement we need to stay resilient when facing difficult situations. One of the New Testament writers, Paul, also explains that endurance produces character and character produces hope reminding us that as we learn to persevere through challenges, our character becomes stronger, and so does our hope!”

Bible Reference: Romans Chapter 5 vs 4