Looking Back and Moving Forward

Many people often start the new year by thinking about what they have achieved over the last year and what they want from the next.

If you have not already done this – take some time now to consider “How was 2021 for you?”

People often create New Year Resolutions. Aiming to better themselves and improve their lives. Resolutions such as, to eat healthier, get fitter, drop bad habits and spend more time doing the things they think are important are often goals people set in the hope that they will achieve them in the new year.

Have you set any goals or made any resolutions this year?

Our Challenge

Rather than setting goals about what we want to achieve, this year let’s consider WHO WE WANT TO BE.

By considering who we are, the characteristics that we hold and what we want to develop we draw out the incredible potential that is within us all. Our character shapes the influence and impact our lives have on others, and there is no better aspiration than to leave a positive impact on others in our lives.

So what one habit do you have that you think you should break or one habit that you think you should create?

For me I want to break a habit this year. I have noticed that I frequently interrupt people and share my opinion before they have finished what they have said. Why do I want to break this habit? Well interrupting people tells that person that I am not fully listening, my opinion is more important and I ultimately what I think is more valuable. I want to break this habit because I want ALL people to feel valued and important in my company.

So how will I do this….?

  1. Remove the trigger – for me this is rushing and cramming too much into my life
  2. Interrupt the action – when I notice I am interrupting or about to, stop myself and give the other person room to speak. A good way to do this could be to pause before I speak

So why does this matter so much? Because by valuing others and changing my habits allows my impact on others to be much more positive.

What healthy habits do you want to add or challenge this year?

Written by our Grace Academy Solihull Ethos Leader, Rachael Wright