In this blog Katherine from Grace Foundation shares her top tips with you

This is a strange and difficult time. Life is unrecognisable compared with a few months ago. It’s always been important to support each and in lots of ways its harder to be supportive with the social distancing measures in place. However, it’s helpful to think of this time as having physical distance from each other but still sharing lots of social connections.

Most people have switched to online methods as their main source of social interaction and it has great benefits but also presents some challenges as well. Although some form of connection can still be achieved by using tech such as video calls or WhatsApp messages, the danger is that we can be connected all day without making the emotional connection we really need.

Top Tips for supporting each other

Here are five ways you can still make real connections in a virtual world.

 1) Listen

Really listen to each other. Try active listening where you not only listen to the words that someone is saying but also the whole message they are trying to communicate through tone of voice and body language. It could also look like repeating back key information to check that you’ve understood properly.

2) Encourage

This helps others to grow and feel better, but it is also good for yourselves too. It helps you to focus on the positives on others rather than some of the things that you find more challenging (especially if you’re in isolation with them!).

3) Help

There is lots of online help available, as well as things like over the phone counselling. If you notice one of your friends struggling, encourage them to get help. You can also help by being a good friend and keeping in contact.

4) Laugh

Cheer each other up with a quote/meme or joke! It is often said that laughter is the best medicine and laughing releases feel good hormones called endorphins as well as relaxing the whole body.

5) Be there

Be reliable and available for others. If you said you were going to video call at 3pm next Tuesday, stick to that as much as you possibly can. It’s also okay to say, ‘we can have a chat but just to let you know I’m really struggling today’.

Our Virtual Chaplain says…

“Imagine going on a run by yourself, somewhere quiet. What happens if you trip over and hurt your ankle? You don’t have your phone on you and not many people go down this road or walk around here. You’re also not sure you can even walk. Imagine the same situation, but you’re running with your best friend. They can go for help. Or they could support you so you can walk on your good leg. God created us to be in community with one another. Things get scary when we’re alone and there’s no one to pick us up when we fall. But with God we’ll always have someone to catch us. God is with us in the darkest valley.”


Bible Reference: Psalm 23:4


  • List 3 people you could call on a weekly basis to see how they are. It could be every other week but have a set time is a good start.

  • For a week (or maybe longer!) try only posting encouraging and supportive things on social media.

  • What could you do to have a daily dose of laughter with your friends and family? It could be a meme or funny video to brighten your day. Or it could just be remembering a funny situation that you’ve been in together.



Share a funny story about something that happened to you on social media just to brighten your friend’s day and remind them to look on the bright side of life

Use the hashtag #ethoschallenge to share with others.

Useful Stuff

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Mental health charity that offers mental health support. The page below explains how to access therapy and counselling.

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Stay Safe! – Katherine x